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REMINISCENCE and HOME AWAY Opening Reception

Mar 09, 2019 @ 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Please join us this Saturday night , March 9th , from 7-11pm for the Opening Reception of our double-header exhibitions — REMINISCENCE , featuring new works by Philadelphia-based artist Evan Lovett, and HOME AWAY , featuring new works by Philadelphia-based artists, Francesca Reyes and Delilah Ray Miske, and New York-based artist Aaron Hauck. The bodies of works in this month’s exhibitions are all odes to interior and exterior spaces, studies of shadow and light, lines and perspective. See what the artists have to say themselves below!
REMINISCENCE // New paintings and drawings by Evan Lovett
” The world moves, time passes and things change. This is a fact of life we are all aware of and more importantly, can do nothing about. Mostly we don’t even notice It happening. Then there are times, rare moments when you have a chance to just be still and exist in that void. Perhaps even be in a remote location that the world moved past and time forgot. A vacancy that has had every memory of life just left behind. These places and those moments are beautiful and this collection is my attempt to capture it. My experience of being in this world when nothing else seems to exist. Inside the walls just beyond view of the noise and the hustle of our cities. It often seems like a look into the past, where you can imaging the energy of the human existence that once occupied the space. Wile simultaneously seeming like a window into a post apocalyptic future where that same human life could be trying to survive. Much like a man made, purgatory that exists around us. Leaving us in reminiscence of what once was .” –E. LOVETT
HOME AWAY // New paintings by Francesca Reyes , Aaron Hauck , & Delilah Ray Miske
” Through the lens of landscape, I investigate conceptual understandings of habitat while exploring the formal properties of painting. The spaces captured in my work are an amalgam of observations and impressions from my surroundings; passing moments glimpsed from the window of a train, a gray house turned purple in the early morning sunshine, the texture of brick. I am interested in suggestions of human presence and interaction, public versus private identity and its effect on the environment, and the place where light meets shadow. My paintings combat the transience of these landscapes by bringing a sense of permanence to the image. The work is not intended to capture things as they are, but rather to draw attention to the process of growth, decay, and change .” –F. REYES
“ My work is a direct reflection of my surroundings. I like to convey the enormity and solemnity of the buildings and places I live and work in as a whole. Architecture works like a giant sundial, casting light and shadow in different ways at different times of day. I love the quiet moments observing the light and how it changes the spaces around us. All of this reminds me of our beautiful insignificance .” –A. HAUCK
” My oil paintings address the break down of objects within a space. My interests revolve around color relationships within a composition and rendering a flattened perspective. By skewing the perspective, we have the opportunity to see a space in an otherwise unattainable way, pushing these works between the worlds of reality and imagination .” –D.R. MISKE


Mar 09, 2019
7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
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