The Franz’s

Another Man's Treasure Week


shot by Greg Pallante

I’ve been shopping at Another Man’s Treasure for years now; and I’ve seen Meika and Warren working the shop many times and always wondered what their story was. They both look like they came on a time machine from a past … [read more]



A little over a week ago, I was tinkering on Instagram and saw an influx of “likes” from someone nicknamed the.grey. Naturally, I was curious and checked her out. “the.grey” is a really successful fashion blogger with the most incredible… [read more]

Au Capoeira


After my interview with Alex Tea, that same day I took Mia to check out a kids class at Au Capoeira. I knew this school existed but seeing it in person is an experience in itself! It is full of art and personality. Alex is also so great with the kids, and I am counting down… [read more]

Alex Tea

Jersey City's Bob Marley


I consider myself a pretty positive and happy person, but in comparison to Alex Tea I am more like Larry David. I came across Alex Tea and his group KIWI a few weeks ago. When I first listened to his music, I closed my eyes and pictured myself on a beach somewhere drinking… [read more]

Gina Piersanti


Want to know what I was doing when I was 16? so do I!! Definitely not as much as this young lady; Miss Gina Piersanti; High School student, indie actress, artist and amateur ukulele player. I heard about Gina after interviewing her father – Jersey City artist… [read more]


Stylish Kiddo


Esme is my first stylish kiddo! Ever since I started ChicpeaJC I’ve been seeing this little guy around town. His father Napoleon was actually one of my first stylish peeps; wearing a fab Hawaiian shirt that only he could pull off. It’s no wonder … [read more]