Jersey City Project Eats

and a tums after party....


As I write this, I am sitting on my couch with my jean button undone and a container of tums…. I have major “itis” but it was totally worth it!! For days I have been counting down to The Jersey City Project Eats event…. and it exceeded my expectations. The food was incredible and the [read more]

Chris Zurich

Soul & Smiles at 660 Studios


One day I got a friend request on Facebook from Chris Zurich….That same night while riding my Bridgitte I heard someone yelling out “Hey, Chicpea”, and it was Chris! After chatting with him for 5 minutes I knew we would be friends, he is a super down to earth guy, with an adorable smile. A week [read more]

Roland Burks

660 Studios Opera Singer


A few months ago, I went to 660 Studios to interview some of the citizens of this weird arts space craft. While interviewing and checking the place out, I heard a faint voice singing opera. A few thoughts crossed my mind; a) Great now I am hearing voices, b) I really need to get some sleep, [read more]

Dance Till the World Ends

Hip Hop/Pop Dance Video


This is not exactly a gangsta hip hop song but it does get the people moving and that is all that matters. Good ol’ Britney Spears…. I really love this dance, its easy yet gets that heart rate up… When I teach this song in class I feel like I am in a rave, minus [read more]

6th Borough Market Part Deux


I think you all know by now that I love shopping, and one of my favorite things to in the whole world is checking out local markets. It’s a good time for the whole family! A great way to spend the day. This past Sunday we attended the 6th Borough Market, this was my second [read more]

Savage Habbit

The people behind some of JC's best murals


Every time I walk down the street and see any kind of street art, I always wonder who is behind it and what the story is. After interviewing my first Street Artist Sean Lugo, I found out about Savage Habbit; A Street art blog that is behind 10 or so murals in Jersey City. Savage [read more]

Birthday Girl Styles

It's my birthday and I will blog if I want to....


In about 3 hours I will be 31 years old. It’s not exactly a milestone birthday, but it is for me…. Last year when I turned 30, Mia was still just a little baby and I was in that mommy bubble. This year I feel like I’ve grown so much, like I sort of found [read more]