Eddie & Erik


A few months ago, Eddie from Gayborhood tweeted at me to tell me how much he loved my Virile themed week. After looking into Gayborhood, and seeing all the amazing things Eddie has been involved in, I reached out and pitched the idea of doing an LGBT Pride theme week… [read more]

BBBS Bowling Event

Marelyn Guest Post

image5-2 Wow, so many great events for so many great causes this weekend! If there was a time to have cloned myself, this would have been it. Glad I was able to share with so many. Let’s start with one that many may not have been aware of…   STRIKE!!! That’s… [read more]

Jersey City Art & Studio Tour


One word. Woah. What a weekend!! A few days ago as I was planning my itinerary, I knew there was no chance I was going to be able to hit up over 100 spots in 2 days, as well as work on my posts for LGBT pride week… oh and also handle my wifey/mommy duties. Panic attack… [read more]

Hudson Pride Center


This Saturday, October 25th is the 14th annual Jersey City Hudson Pride Festival; To celebrate, this week is dedicated to LGBT Pride. I teamed up with Eddie Baez from Gayborhood to bring you all a week filled with stories of people in our community doing some amazing… [read more]

Baruti Libre

Libre Brand


There is nothing I love more than meeting new and inspiring people who have unique style. Baruti is just that, a really good human being with an amazing fashion sense. We connected over social media  and set up a time to meet as soon as we both could. We met at Tea [read more]


& The end of my meat abstinence


I’m a vegetarian….well I used to be before this interview… Prior to embarking on this journey called ChicpeaJC, I swore off all meat, at some point my diet was even vegan! I stopped eating meat for health reasons, I just did not like the way it… [read more]