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As you all know by now, I am on a health quest to get back to my pre-blogging lifestyle of eating healthy and exercising regularly. Part of this quest is to also discover new ways of incorporating activities that are good for my body and my soul. Let’s be honest, exercising can get monotonous and… [read more]

Pictures by Nabil



I came across Nabil’s Instagram (@nvbilll) feed a little over 6 months ago. At first when I started following him, I had no clue he was a local Jersey City kid (anyone in their early 20’s are kids to me now), I thought he was this huge Morrocain photographer residing in the New York City area…. [read more]

EP Review: Black Wail

Written by Patrick DeFrancisci


Navigating the sea of Jersey City bands has been anything but futile; the problem is there are just too many great bands to cover! Black Wail is all about the riff, the groove and making sure that you are not only listening to their music but you are feeling it as well. Releasing their EP… [read more]

Henry Greenfield

Written By Yuvraj Ramsaywack


Cross-country road trips are a bucket list staple for many Americans. Few, however, would dare consider a cross-country bike ride – unless you’re Henry Greenfield. A 24-year-old Jersey City native and active cyclist, Henry is nearing the one year anniversary of his 50 day, 3400 mile long fundraising bike trip from Jersey City to California…. [read more]

15th Annual LGBT Jersey City Pride Festival Recap

Written by Charles Dewey Albasi


Michael Billy’s Love and Marriage On Monday night, I finally got a chance to kick off my pride week.  Now, I know I was a tad bit late to the game, missing out on two very fabulous events (including Ty’s Bar in NYC and Sundays Are a Drag Brunch at Brightside Tavern), both of which I heard were huge… [read more]

Giving back in Jersey City – the back-to-school edition

Written by Josie Morris


As a mom I have felt my heart-strings tugged on by a variety of things that in the past wouldn’t impact me as much. I feel incredibly fortunate that my son does not have to want or worry about anything, but at the same time, I feel an incredible responsibility to ensure that other children… [read more]

Montgomery Gardens Implosion

Written by Crystal Davis


This morning marked the demolition of the Montgomery Gardens in Jersey City. The morning was quiet with the sun rising over the New York skyline. Directly below stood mere carvings of what the Montgomery Gardens used to be. Tensions have been running high since a thundering roar echoed throughout the streets. As the dust settled… [read more]

ChicpeaJC Health Challenge Tip 3

IronPlate Studios


As some of you know for the past month I’ve been on a quest to get back to healthy living. Which means working out regularly and eating clean with the help of Kristin my health coach and owner of IronPlate Studios. Here is my recap of the week! I got some really great workouts at Krank… [read more]

12 Seniors Awarded for Donating over 100 Articles of Clothing

Written by Crystal Davis


  Yesterday was a beautiful day to recognize a set of senior citizens who have helped design even more beautiful garments for the needy. On Thursday morning, guests and new outlets flocked to Maureen Collier Memorial Senior Center to watch 12 seniors present their hand-made creations to two local organizations – Hope House and Women… [read more]

Top Five Things to Do This Weekend in Jersey City

Written by Crystal Davis


It seems like every weekend is becoming more and more exciting as we go on! However, this has also made me realize that summer is soon coming to a close. The mornings filled with cool breezes carry on throughout the day. Even the leaves are starting to change color, but Jersey City isn’t ready for summer to… [read more]

Pageant Pom Mom: The Web Series

Written by Erin Rafferty


What do you get when you mix beauty pageants, Jersey City, and a couple of adorable Pomeranians? The upcoming JC-based web series Pageant Pom Mom, of course! I caught up with Brooke Hoover, the contagiously cheerful mastermind behind the project, to talk about the series, the stars, and the feel-good message underneath it all. (Fun… [read more]

Bloomsbury Sq.

Written by Jess Maiuro

Irina_Peschan_Photography_BloomsburySq20 2015-03-30

942 Summit is a co-op shared by Who’s Gluten Free?, Do You Tea? and Bloomsbury Square- a total trifecta for all things natural and delicious. (Owners Niambi Cacchioli and Kelly of Do You Tea?  even share some ingredients for their teas and skincare products.)  You immediately feel at home when you step into this shop, and… [read more]

Free Kayaking Day at The Jersey City Reservoir

Written by Jess Maiuro


Did you know that you can go kayaking and fishing in Jersey City?  No, I’m not referring to various spots at the waterfront.  Right in the middle of Jersey City Heights is a hidden gem. Behind those stone walls you’ve probably driven by between Summit and Central Avenue sits reservoir number three. I’ve lived in… [read more]

The Last American Guido

Meet and Greet at Bocelli's


A week ago I went to Bocelli’s on Central Ave for a meet and greet of the cast and crew of the indie film “The Last American Guido”. When I got the invite I checked out the actors and directors bio’s and they all have ties to Jersey City. Most of the movie was even shot… [read more]

Mayor of the Day

Big Brothers and Big Sisters Hudson County


About a week ago, John Lynch a Jersey City “mover and shaker” contacted me to let me know his “little brother” would be Mayor for the day. John amongst all the other amazing things he does giving back to the Jersey City community, volunteers for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Hudson County. Every… [read more]



For months I’ve been following Ashley aka @jacklyn.lune, a Jersey City native fashion blogger and mental health advocate on Instagram. Her daily posts combine fashion and inspirational quotes that help uplift her followers (including myself). Ashley also helps raise awareness of Anxiety Disorders by sharing her daily personal struggles and triumphs. Ashley is an extremely… [read more]