Pat Massett

Winner of the Damaged Wear & ChicpeaJC Design Contest


When Dennis from Damaged Wear and I decided to get together and work on a shirt line we thought it would be cool to have a design contest and involve local talented designers. The requirements were for the design to be retro Jersey City and to incorporate the Kiss … [read more]



When I started ChicpeaJC I was mostly focused on fashion and stylish people, until I discovered the street art scene in Jersey City and I was hooked. My street art posts are always a favorite, since I get a chance to not only get to know extremely talented and inspiring… [read more]

Nizz Sentine

& Jamar Jacobs


I am still so amazed at all the talented people who live in Jersey City and Nizz Sentine is no exception. I’ve actually known about him since I started blogging and it was only a matter of time before we linked up. Nizz is extremely talented, his lyrics flow,… [read more]

Hello World


This week marked ChicpeaJC’s 6 month anniversary since my first post “Hello World“. Which so happens to be a song I also teach in my Hip Hop class. Every time I hear this Kid Ink jam it reminds me of when I first published ChicpeaJC, it brings up… [read more]